Best Ransomware Removal Tools



The best ransomware removal software makes it quick and convenient to safeguard your files and folders against ransomware damage. As cybersecurity hazards rise, having some top ransomware protection software has become increasingly important. This is especially true because ransomware can be extremely challenging to remove if you are the victim of a successful Assault.

The greatest strategy is to prevent becoming infected with ransomware in the first place, even though there are tools that can help reverse a ransomware attack. Since prevention is always preferable to cure, we’ve featured the finest antivirus and anti-malware programs that include built-in ransomware defenses at the top of our list.


With the unrestricted SSL inspection that Zscaler offers, you can safeguard your data against unauthorized examinations. It has a high level of encryption that also enables you to have total privacy. The Zscaler Private Access is the main factor behind why most people enjoy this tool. It gives you a defense against a point of entry and lowers the risks of ransomware. Overall, this tool is entirely secure.

Customers claim that Zscaler offers complete PC protection. Additionally, a respectable inline sandboxing with full setup and security is included. This tool will keep your device clean and ready to use by doing a cleanup in your system at regular intervals.The proxy architecture used in constructing the Zscaler Cloud Sandbox ensures the highest level of security throughout.


  • SSL inspection is unending
  • Always-on security
  • Make it impossible to go to the side

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered. Premium can be purchased for $2.40 per month.

TotalAV Antivirus may protect your PC from practically all online dangers. This includes ransomware, which is arguably the most serious of them all. You can relax knowing that your system downloads, installations, and other files are being continuously scanned for dangers like ransomware, thanks to TotalAV Antivirus’s real-time monitoring features.

Strong, lightning-quick, real-time system scans, which are required to get rid of threats like ransomware from your computer and mobile devices, are made possible by TotalAV Antivirus. TotalAV Antivirus is the best solution for on-demand protection from ransomware or other cyber threats, thanks to smooth cross-platform interoperability and a flexible payment structure.


  • Scanning of Zero-Day Clouds
  • Computer cleaner
  • Scheduler for Smart Scan
  • Phishing Scam defense

Price: Basic scanning is included in the free plan; the Pro plan costs $19 for three devices; Internet Security is $39 for five devices; and Total Security is $49 for eight devices.

Nearly everyone is aware of the effects and advantages that Comodo AEP offers. This software offers straightforward communication and a good backup option that provides immediate security. This package includes a cleaning tool that may perform random security checks. This tool also enables you to back up your files and information to aid safety.

According to consumers, Comodo AEP is a solution that offers outstanding system protection to protect you from all types of ransomware. The specific system security that is updated comes with this utility. Even though there are currently no new strains, this tool is just what you wanted. With the aid of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection, you can quickly identify any danger.


  • No pauses
  • Offers file recovery
  • Integrated backup tool

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered. Premium is offered for $4 per month or $39 per year.

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

Unmatched security software, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware, guards your PC at all times! Thanks to its complete file protection, you can obtain the best, most cutting-edge security solutions. The fact that it works with virtually any antivirus program out there is its strongest feature. This is the reason why choosing this become so crucial. You have full access to safeguarding your info.

According to customer testimonials, the ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware can automatically restore files. Compared to other software, this utility is faster and starts working immediately. Thus, it becomes much more cautious of your data and documents. This tool allows you to restore files to your device, even if they are encrypted.


  • Suitable for use with all antivirus
  • Instantaneous phishing defense
  • Automatically restores your encrypted files

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered.

1 Year

  • $24.95 for 1 device
  • $32.95 for 3 devices
  • $5.95 for 5 devices
  • $104.95 for 10 devices

2 years

  • $39.95 for 1 device
  • $54.95 for 3 devices
  • $59.95 for 5 devices
  • $129.95 for 10 devices

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 Webroot SecureAnywhere

The Webroot SecureAnywhere application provides complete protection against ransomware and identity theft in terms of performance. This program has updated console functions, which significantly improves the product’s appeal. It is the ideal tool for business owners, consumers, and IT partners.

According to user feedback, Webroot SecureAnywhere is a solution with great features. This tool defends you well from any hazards you may encounter online. It is completely compatible with desktops and mobile devices due to its nature. A restriction was placed on the device’s access points by the Multi-vecto protection for endpoints.Consequently, it becomes considerably simpler to offer a fantastic return. 


  • Streamlined, contemporary style
  • Cloud Service Intelligence from BrightCloud
  • Protecting endpoints with Webroot Business 

Price: A 14-day free trial is offered.

  • $29.99: 1 device and 1 year
  • $37.49: 3 devices and 1 year
  • $59.99: 1 device and 2 years 
  • $79.99: 3 devices and 2 years
  • $89.99: 1 device and 3 years
  • $109.99: 3 devices and 3 years

VMware Carbon Black

Multiple tiers of cutting-edge protection are built into VMware Carbon Black. It features a strong application control that is simpler to use and yields fantastic results. The fact that this product offers both online and offline safety makes most people trust it. As a result, files continue to be encrypted and offer you a respectable defense against any threats. On this instrument, you may rely.

According to reviews, the VMware Carbon Black is one of those devices that removes any security risks or difficulties you anticipate. Since its introduction, this product has consistently ranked among the best on the market.

With specific advanced ransomware options, you have the freedom to achieve any level of security while keeping your data safe. Users who use VMware Carbon Black for routine tasks report feeling significantly more secure. 


  • Prevention of streaming ransomware
  • Safeguards against fresh and developing dangers
  • Strong application control

Price: A 14-day free trial is offered. Premium can be purchased for $52.99 each year. 

Trend Micro Ransom Buster

The Trend Micro Ransom Buster is one of the greatest products if you want total security. In addition to being compatible with practically all antivirus programs, it also produces good results—moreover, the attributes of the goods. Due to the low system requirements, you can connect the gadget to any source. It is a comprehensive solution that offers both Internet security and ransomware elimination.

The Trend Micro Ransom Buster offers the greatest user interface out of all of them, as stated by users. The app is simple to use and installs on your device without any significant lag time. Additionally, it has simple access to remove files or manually add them for protection. You can receive speedy results with this tool thanks to an automatic update. It functions as a full file and configuration that is ready to use in any circumstance.


  • Protection that is portable but effective
  • Simple to use
  • Regular Updates

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered. The cost of Premium is $2.99 per month.


The well-known antivirus program AVG made its name long ago. It is reasonable for most professionals to consider employing this technology to safeguard their gadgets. Thanks to instant malware detection, you will obtain immediate tool upgrades and a superb outcome. This tool is constantly updated, and any errors are immediately fixed.

According to customer testimonials, AVG is a quick and simple to use application. Because it contains a free version of anti-ransomware software, most users prefer it. As a result, you can safeguard the gadget free of charge. Even if the free edition lacks several capabilities, it can provide you with the best outcomes. The technology is efficient at protecting you against ransomware and other online threats.


  • Regularly updated
  • Perpetual innovation
  • Comprehensive defense

Price: AVG AntiVirus is free to download.


The HitmanPro.Alert is a tool that is primarily used by professionals who want to safeguard their residences or commercial places. It has all the features of the Pro version and keeps you safe while using it. Dual performance is a feature that enables you to both eliminate malware and defend against online threats. Your data is protected by encryption that HitmanPro installs.Alert at a high level of security.

According to users, HitmanPro, Alert is one of these anti-ransomware programs that makes it simple to secure and keep data encrypted. A secure degree of encryption is included with the HitmanPro.Alert, adding new security. As a result, you can immediately protect the data and files inside thanks to the software.The software enables you to keep your banking secure as well, thanks to the CryptoGuard feature. 


  • Scam malware
  • Keep confidential information private.
  • Safeguard vulnerable programs

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered.

Price for HitmanPro.Alert:

  • $34.95: 1 PC and  1 Year
  • $54.95 : 3 PC and 1 Year
  • $69.95: 1 PC and 3 Years
  • $104.95: 3 PC and 3 Years

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

When it comes to performance, the BitDefender Antivirus Plus is a fantastic tool to have. It is a complete security configuration that safeguards your device, the browser, and the Internet. The best aspect is that this device has absolutely no performance impact. You can use the security network and turn on the program to keep any data secure, including your financial transactions and information.

According to user reviews, the BitDefender Antivirus Plus includes network threat prevention on a cloud platform. It continues to operate in the background and sends you safe notifications regarding the product. Most consumers believe that BitDefender Antivirus Plus is reasonably priced and built on a solid architecture. Additionally, it keeps track of new and ongoing threats, so you don’t need to worry.


  • Crucial real-time defense
  • VPN security for total online privacy
  • Prevents online fraud and phishing

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered.

1 Year

  • $39.99 for 1 Device
  • $59.99 for 3 Devices
  • $59.99 for 5 Devices
  • $106.63 for 10 Devices

2 Years

  • $69.99 for 1 Device
  • $89.99 for 3 Devices
  • $59.99 for 5 Devices
  • $109.99 for 10 Devices

3 Years

  • $89.99 for 1 Device
  • $119.99 for 3 Devices
  • $559.99 for 5 Devices
  • $179.99 for 10 Devices 

Acronis Ransomware Protection

The one thing that practically everyone takes for device safety is the Acronis Ransomware Removal tool. One of the most excellent things to look after with this equipment is the on-demand scan, which also produces outstanding outcomes. The fact that protection is available for both Mac and Windows is the nicest aspect. Corporate users appear to profit from the reasonable pricing when usingthis device to protect their data.

Users claim that Acronis Ransomware Security is a product everyone enjoys because it offers real-time protection for the best outcomes. Additionally, it provides high-level security for cloud storage. Options like Enhanced Active Protection offer respectable offline and online data protection. It completely protects the device and your info.


  • Increased active defense
  • On-demand antivirus scan
  • Real-time defense

Price: A 30-day free trial is offered. For $49.99 a year, Acronis True Image is available. For $59 a year, Acronis Cyber Protect is accessible.

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

Zero-day threats included in Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware actively contribute to the overall reduction of ransomware. This tool makes achieving the best outcomes simpler because it contains artifacts and alterations. Including three essential EDR requirements enables quick detection of all trojans and backdoors. As a result, you may always be happy with the features that come with this application.

According to numerous reviews, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is a fantastic alternative for cloud-native management tools. This tool functions as a Lightweight Endpoint Agent, which lowers the threat than anticipated. The product includes a cloud-native administration console, which is essential for maintaining the security of your data. The majority of users believe that this feature makes online buying secure.


  • Within minutes, deploy
  • Gathers comprehensive threat data
  • 72-hour rollback from ransomware

Price: A 14-day free trial is offered.

  • 1 device on the Premium Plan costs $3.33 per month.
  • The Premium Plan is $6.67 per month for 5 devices.
  • The $8.33/month Premium + Privacy Plan covers 5 devices.
  • Malwarebytes For Teams can be purchased for $49.99 annually per device.
  • The cost of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is $69.99 per device per year.
  • For $84.99 per device every year, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response is offered.

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The major intentional cyber threats may not be known to you. Someone could use a Trojan to snoop on your personal information while also extorting you for money. You really need the assistance of anti-ransomware software to safeguard you from such circumstances. It enables you to obtain total security against any attacks with no issues.

Following numerous hours of investigation, we discovered that Zscaler is among the greatest anti-ransomware programs. Using the inline sandboxing capability, you may completely safeguard your data and devices from dangers. It is a top choice for people because they have the option of a modest budget.

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