10+ Best Website Builders



Using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to spread your company’s message to the public is necessary, but it’s not enough. You also need an appealing, simple-to-use website if you want an online presence that accurately portrays your business. Unlike a social networking page, a website allows you complete control over the style and content. This gives your company, organization, or personal brand credibility. Facebook pages all have the same basic aesthetic, but if you have your own website, you can establish your brand identity, make sales, and incorporate third-party web services. Thankfully, website builders make it simpler than ever to construct websites that seem professional and are designed well.

Popular DIY site-building services like Squarespace and Wix are constantly evolving and introducing new features. Rivals have also appeared with their inventive takes on the procedure, including Gator, Simvoly, Strikingly, and Zyro.

You can begin building an online presence with the aid of the top website builders that we’ve researched. Check out our top picks below, and feel free to share your thoughts on any of them in the comments area.

Website Builder

A website builder is a platform that provides a drag-and-drop interface that enables users with little to no coding skills to create a website easily. These platforms typically have pre-built themes, custom domain possibilities, hosting capabilities, integrated photo and video storage, and more. Additionally, third-party interfaces are frequently accessible, enabling you to include components like shopping carts and lead-gathering tools. Advanced services may also include personalized email addresses and SEO campaign analytics tools.

How Do Web Builders Operate?

Your drag-and-drop commands are translated into code by a website builder. Either the business will host your website, or a connection will be made to your hosting firm. The majority of website builders include a variety of themes or templates that are appropriate for various kinds of websites. A portfolio, as an illustration, might require a different template than an online store. Many of the characteristics may be altered once you choose a template. Depending on the website builder, this might include typeface, layout, and text and picture sizes.

Additionally, you might be able to integrate movies and add contact forms. While many of the most popular website builders do not need coding, most systems do let users modify HTML and CSS to fit their needs.

The Best Way to Pick a Website Builder

When comparing goods, consider these factors, and you’ll quickly locate a service that meets your needs.

Many of the challenging elements of operating a website are made simple and understandable by website builders. A list of some of the most typical characteristics is shown below.

  • Interface with drag and drop. Many website builders let you drag and drop internet page elements to create designs that resemble collage. This might apply to any element on your websites, such as text, images, video, or audio. Every website builder provides a different level of customizing freedom. While some businesses utilize more difficult themes to modify, others let you alter nearly every web page component without using any code.
  • Storage for images and videos. Uploading pictures and videos is simple with website builders. For instance, you will have access to a picture gallery on your account with Squarespace. This will enable you to modify and delete images and videos from various sites while keeping storing them for later use. Storage options often differ per subscription package.
  • Domains and hosting. A website server and a domain name are the other elements you need to establish a website. Several website builders offer all three functions. You will need to move your domain to the new platform if you currently have a domain name but wish to use a different website builder (for instance, if you bought your domain name via GoDaddy but want to use Wix for design).
  • Integrating with other parties. Adding third-party software, such as shopping carts or social network feeds, is simple with website builders. Another often-used integration is lead capture forms, which let prospective clients or customers fill out their information and then dump it directly into your favorite CRM or data repository.
  • Mobile Support. Mobile compatibility is crucial for every website because so many people use their phones to explore the internet. Thanks to many website builders’ automated integration of this capability, you may view the mobile version of your website while making edits. Some can automatically change website components so that a single design works effectively across various devices.
  • Email for business. Most website builders allow you to set up email addresses using your domain name as the extension. Choose the ideal plan for your needs by paying attention to how much specific plans charge for this function up front and how much others charge for the first one or two emails.
  • SEO metrics. While many individuals use Google Analytics to measure traffic, most website builders have more straightforward methods for the typical person to understand. This will notify you of the websites from which your traffic originates and the methods used by visitors to find you. You could discover the necessity to invest in specialized analytics software if you’re actively working to improve your SEO and broaden the audience for your website. But for most people and small businesses, the information their website builder provides is enough.


Nearly everything you might desire in a website builder is available on Wix. You may design stunning pages using a simple interface and one of the many available templates. Mobile-specific tools and widgets increase utility and versatility. Businesses may offer memberships and digital downloads thanks to powerful e-commerce platforms. And excellent uptime guarantees that your website will be accessible.


  • Amazingly user-friendly Editor X interface
  • A lot of widgets
  • Numerous templates for various applications and industries
  • Top tools for designing mobile websites
  • Rich features of the website
  • Excellent uptime and assistance with customers
  • Several alternatives for business, including the capacity to market digital downloads
  • Free choice


  • External apps provide better metrics.
  • Does not allow you to change templates


With its powerful user interface and extensive collection of stock photos, Gator enables you to create stunning websites and is one of the few website builders that allows you to change themes quickly. That suggests that you won’t have to start from scratch if you decide to modify the direction of your website. We are not surprised that HostGator, which already provides a first-rate web hosting service, also has a strong understanding of website builders, given this impressive offering.


  • High uptime
  • A well-made interface
  • Elegant and contemporary site templates
  • Allow for simple theme switching
  • Free of charge stock images
  • Enables the sale of digital downloads
  • Exceptional costs
  • Every tier will take some payment.


  • Without a free plan,
  • Few alternatives for photo editing
  • Not possible to schedule blog posts
  • A little app shop


Even though Duda is an expensive website builder, you get what you pay for. This refers to a top-tier editor for creating desktop and mobile websites, effective e-commerce, and analytics tools, unlimited storage, and monthly data transfers. To further personalize your website, you may create your CSS and HTML code.


  • Includes a prestigious editor,
  • Strong tools for building sites for phones and tablets,
  • Effective traffic analysis,
  • Practical tools for online stores,
  • Almost a hundred templates
  • Enables the usage of customized CSS and HTML,
  • Strong online shopping choices that allow subscriptions and digital downloads
  • All plans include unlimited monthly data transfers and storage.


  • Very pricey, and there isn’t a free alternative
  • Store with few widgets
  • Does not allow you to change templates
  • Only using Flex templates and components for fully responsive designs


The finest website builders make creating a site simple enough for anybody to complete. With its very accessible alternative interface to the already well-known WordPress platform, Bluehost does this. You may use it to use WordPress’s potency and robust e-commerce possibilities without understanding the entire CMS. And Bluehost supports you in taking the next step if you want to learn more.


  • An alternative website builder that is affordable for Bluehost users
  • Large template and stock picture collections
  • Eases you into understanding the WordPress CMS
  • Storefronts for WooCommerce
  • Fantastic uptime
  • Courteous client service
  • Unfree SSL


  • Has no free alternative
  • Minimally edited images
  • Does not allow you to change templates
  • Sections might need a smarter organization


You can develop a fantastic website with the aid of GoDaddy’s website builder and a GoDaddy domain. Every tier of GoDaddy Websites + Marketing offers unlimited monthly data transfers and storage, including the free one. You may launch an online store with specific premium plans’ e-commerce capabilities.


  • Websites that appear well on desktop and mobile
  • Transfers of data per month and limitless storage
  • Fantastic seo and marketing tools
  • Almost a hundred templates
  • Fantastic uptime
  • Excellent client service
  • No-cost tier


  • Minimally customizable layout
  • Not all layers of Ecommerce are available.


Growing in popularity among website builders, Zyro stood out in the crowded market thanks to a long list of new features and appreciated upgrades. For instance, creating appealing pages and useful e-commerce stores is as simple as dragging and dropping pieces. We also like the added features, such as the logo maker, free SSL certificate, and picture repository, which are all included. Just be aware that Zyro no longer has a free tier available.


  • Fantastic uptime
  • Simple drag-and-drop user interface
  • Ai-powered cool tools
  • Logo creator
  • No cost SSL certificate
  • Useful picture archive
  • All subscriptions include unlimited bandwidth and storage.


  • Does not allow you to change templates
  • More options might yet be added to photo editing.
  • Zero free tier


Another well-known website builder is Squarespace, and for a good reason. Its large selection of themes and adaptable design for mobile displays enables you to create beautiful websites. However, Squarespace sites are more than simply attractive. Thanks to custom programming, blogging facilities, and robust e-commerce possibilities, sites provide all the powerful features devoted users want.


  • Gorgeous, responsive designs that work on mobile devices
  • In specialized parts, the Fluid Engine makes the design more understandable.
  • Comprehensive e-commerce features, including the ability to offer digital downloads
  • Enables the usage of custom code
  • Using a blogging program, you can schedule posts
  • Tools for analytics and good support
  • No cost SSL certificate
  • All options include unlimited monthly data transfers and storage.


  • If you upgrade from Squarespace 7.0, you must rebuild your website.
  • In the new version, you cannot change templates.
  • Zero free tier
  • Phone support lacks


Adding website creation options to Web.com’s subpar web hosting services has greatly improved it. The website builder comes with WordPress, e-commerce functionality, and a sizable collection of themes and stock images. You may also make use of standard hosting features. The site builder plan offers the opportunity to purchase additional shared hosting tiers and a free name and hosting.


  • Logical interface
  • WordPress and e-commerce technologies you may use
  • Large template and stock picture collections
  • Hosting was used.
  • Outstanding uptime throughout testing
  • Excellent help for client service


  • No free choice
  • Simple photo editing
  • Lacks options for dedicated, cloud or VPS hosting
  • Does not allow you to change templates
  • Little window for refunds


Certain consumers wouldn’t mind forgoing some sophisticated features if it meant getting a better overall experience. Although Weebly doesn’t provide the most customization choices, its numerous beautiful themes allow you to create high-quality websites. Using the website builder, you may sell real and digital items and check your site’s performance statistics.


  • Attractive themes with responsive design
  • Full commerce possibilities, including the capacity to market digital products
  • Includes site statistics
  • Allows you to change themes without having to rebuild your site
  • Transfers of data are unlimited across all plans
  • Fantastic uptime
  • No-cost tier


  • Small amount of theme customization
  • Does not have reused photo storage
  • There is no ability to undo across the entire ui.
  • Poor client service during testing


Strikingly doesn’t provide many themes, and its site modification options are limited, but what it does have is appealing and responsive. But if you use Strikingly, at least you can relax knowing that your website is up and running because of the high uptime of the service.


  • Simple website-building tools
  • Lovely themes and responsive designs
  • Allows you to change layouts without having to rebuild your site
  • Fantastic uptime
  • No-cost tier


  • Less customization than website builders that compete
  • Numerous common functions need a premium account.
  • Five pages maximum for free and inexpensive tiers per site


Social media has diminished the attraction of blogging by providing a platform for online expression. Nowadays, those who want to sell anything are the ones who require a full-fledged website. Fortunately, anybody can create a responsive e-commerce site for digital or physical items thanks to Simvoly’s simple interface. Just be aware that shipping integration is missing.


  • Drag and drop interface
  • E-commerce capabilities, including sales of digital downloads,
  • Allows for quick theme switching
  • Has site statistics
  • Great uptime


  • No picture editing software
  • There is no widget market.
  • No integrations with shipping services
  • Without a free tier

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How to Create an Effective Website

Here are some crucial pointers to assist you in building a great website:

  1. A desktop and mobile device design

Images, content, and design components on a mobile-responsive website are automatically adjusted to load quickly and efficiently on a mobile device. More than 60% of traffic in the United States now comes from mobile devices, thus your website must be mobile-responsive.

Most contemporary site builders are responsive to mobile devices; however, even those may not be flawlessly so. Always be sure to preview your designs on various-sized desktop and mobile displays. If you find any mistakes, you may fix your designs by altering the element’s size or even omitting some parts on particular screen sizes.

  1. Apply AMP

Your blog should be AMP-optimized to guarantee rapid loading times on mobile devices. Accelerated mobile pages are known as AMPs. Google (along with many other partners) is making an effort to increase mobile traffic to improve user experience. Make use of the AMP capability offered by your website builder! The user experience on your website is enhanced, which will probably help you rank higher in search engines.

  1. Think about built-in templates and themes

The terms “theme” and “template” are frequently used synonymously. Pre-built page designs often feature a header, a footer, and menu navigation with the most popular pages (home, about, contact, and blog). Most themes come with example graphics and text that you may modify with your own material. The global template can frequently be changed to better suit your requirements.

Most website builders will provide a selection of both free and paid themes. These can make it possible for you to launch a well-designed site much more quickly than if you were to develop it yourself. Nevertheless, not every topic is created equally. As you add your material, check to see if there are any errors or inconsistencies by previewing all of your pages.

  1. Include an SSL certificate

A file known as an SSL certificate secures data transfers to and from a website. Therefore, the SSL certificate protects the privacy of the data when someone accesses your secure website or submits information in any area on your site (forms, login, password, or credit card information). The security of your website is crucial for the user experience, and Search engine optimization can be enhanced by obtaining an SSL certificate.

Is a Website Builder Necessary?

Using a website builder is the simplest way to make a website if you don’t know how to code. The second choice is to hire a professional or learn how to code yourself to develop your website. Hiring someone can give you total control over the website’s appearance.

Working with a website builder will probably expose you to design issues that the builder cannot address. Let’s imagine, for instance, that the theme you’re using doesn’t support a drop-down menu, but you would want one. Or perhaps you adore a certain template but aren’t able to modify the color scheme.

Each website builder has its own restrictions, and you frequently only become aware of them as you use the tool and its themes. The finest website builders give more than enough capabilities to create a decent website if you don’t want total creative freedom.

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The most straightforward approach to creating a website is with a website builder. Since they employ templates, website builders sometimes have design restrictions. Still, many users believe that the capabilities and features are sufficient to construct a professional website without paying for specialized web development services.

Weebly, GoDaddy, and Squarespace are the top three website builders currently on the market. These platforms provide drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built themes, making it simple and economical to build an effective website.

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