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Using the greatest free data recovery software, you can locate and recover lost files on your computer or mobile device. You can lose files in several ways, such as by mistaken deletion and hardware failure. However, they are all equally dangerous.

Even if the deleted files have been fully erased from your device, data recovery software frequently makes it possible to locate them. Although the market is flooded with expensive solutions, there are a few cool free tools that are almost as effective.

Over the years, we’ve tested a lot of data recovery software and compiled a list of the top free solutions to help you in your hunt.

Stellar Data Recovery

What could be superior to a piece of software that can restore video files? One that is also capable of fixing those that were damaged before deletion. Stellar does both, earning our recommendation. But it wasn’t our first (or second) pick because of its poor deep scan speed and high pricing.


  • Sorts files according to their kind, size, and location
  • Accepts all common file formats
  • Provides its consumers with choices for online tickets, live chat, and phone assistance.


  • Long time to finish a deep scan.

The interface also offers a number of sophisticated options for the tech enthusiasts among you. You may, for instance, indicate what file extensions you’re looking for. If you take your security seriously, you can add new file types and activate the safe mode. Costlier plans come with more high-end options.

These solutions range from RAID data recovery to optical media recovery and include options like damaged file repair, unbootable system recovery, and more.

  • Accessible in a free version.
  • Paid Plans: Technician ($199/yr), Professional ($79.99/yr), Premium ($99.99/yr), Standard ($49.99/yr),
  • Options for scanning: Deep and Quick
  • Additional features: optical media recovery, faulty file repair, and unbootable system recovery
  • Windows and Mac compatible

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro has every feature we seek for in a data recovery solution.It works in various data loss scenarios, including partition loss, operating system crashes, and virus assaults. It can recover photos, movies, and other information. However, its pricey plans may turn away people on a tight budget.


  • Great user interface
  • Function for quick deep scanning
  • Additional cutting-edge features


  • Expensive license fees

This software’s Free Remote Assistance function is also remarkable. When we encountered a challenging problem, such as reformatting the disk or coping with partition loss, it made it easier for us to contact professionals. Ordinary people, in our opinion, can utilize this premium option to improve their chances of data recovery.

Its Mac counterpart was similarly outstanding in our opinion. It has certain capabilities we didn’t discover in other Mac-specific data recovery programs, like iTunes backup recovery, Time Machine backup recovery, and smart disk monitoring.

  • A free version is offered up to 2GB of data can be recovered
  • Paid Plans: Pro License for Windows Users ($69.95/month, $99.95/year, and $149.95 for life); Unlimited Pro Version for Mac Users ($89.95/month).
  • Options for scanning: Quick and Deep
  • Additional features: the creation of bootable USB drives, iTunes backup recovery, and remote support
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


Are you trying to obtain a cheap data recovery tool? Then you can’t go wrong with this software’s low price. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other options, it will still do the job regarding data recovery.


  • Simple user interface
  • Complies with all file systems
  • Functions on Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows.


  • Does not permit scanning of a certain folder
  • Does not offer all of its features on a non-rooted smartphone.

You will see the drives connected to your machine when you launch this app. After clicking on the disk you wish to scan, choosing the scanning option (Deep or Deeper), and waiting, you will proceed. If you decided to “Dig Deeper,” the waiting period would increase to several hours.

This software has additional flaws as well. Even in their free editions, competing programs offer at least two functions that this one does not. These include the option to only scan a certain folder and the inability to use all of its features on non-rooted devices.

  • A free version is offered
  • Paid Program: $14.99 per year
  • Options for scanning: Deep and Deeper
  • Scanning of virtual disk image files is an additional function.
  • Compatible with: Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows

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GetDataBack is a little software program that uses just 17 MB of disk space and excels in various data loss scenarios. You may rely on this software to recover data lost due to a virus attack, a formatted drive, a power outage, or after using fdisk.


  • A free version is offered
  • Recovers all video types
  • Restores the directory and file names
  • Supports a variety of storage media


  • Not MAC compatible

The GetDataBack Simple variant is the first of these options. It carries out fundamental file recovery on Linux and Windows operating systems. The following four, GetDataBack for FAT, GetDataBack for NTFS, RAID Reconstructor, and NAS Data Recovery, solely do the tasks implied by their titles. They won’t do anything else, so don’t bank on it.

Which of the options will be most useful to you? Depending on the kind of files you could have misplaced. GetDataBack Simple may be a godsend for those who have lost fundamental data on Windows. The following four options are available for others to select from.

  • A free version is offered
  • Paid Plans: RAID Reconstructor ($99), Simple ($79), FAT ($79), NTFS ($79), and NAS Data Recovery ($99).
  • Options for scanning: Quick and Deep
  • Additional capabilities include the ability to recover deleted or damaged partitions.
  • Compatible with Linux and Windows


R-Studio is a three-in-one data recovery program that combines an easy user interface, powerful file recovery algorithms, and disk repair technologies. Because of this, it can meet the demands of enterprise- and professional-level data recovery specialists while yet being quite simple to use for newcomers.


  • Runs extremely dependably
  • Suitable for many OS
  • Utilizes NTFS and FAT partitions


  • Options and phrasing tend to be somewhat technical.

But there are some drawbacks to this program as well. The menus may have a nice design, but it takes substantial understanding to use them to their full potential since the typical user might not be familiar with all of the lingo used in the menus.

  • No free version is offered
  • Paid Plans Vary for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • One option for scanning
  • Additional capabilities include the ability to create disk images and sophisticated RAID rebuilding.
  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Kickass Undelete

Open-source software called Kickass Undelete will retrieve your priceless data for nothing. It remains relevant because its developers often update it. However, given that it is free, you cannot anticipate having a robust feature set.


  • Free and open source
  • Filters based on filename and extension
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface


  • Won’t restore deleted data from the past

Having said that, we won’t rely on this software to restore previously destroyed files. According to its website, the scan is most effective “if conducted as quickly as possible following file deletion.” If your data was lost for a considerable time, you might need to purchase one of the above-mentioned commercial software programs.

  • A free version is offered
  • No paid plans
  • Options for scanning: one
  • Additional functions include filename and extension filtering.
  • Only compatible with Windows


Another free data recovery software is available here that can restore deleted partitions and bootability to unbootable devices. Additionally, it can remove films that were unintentionally erased, lost during disk formatting, or possibly corrupted due to a malware assault.


  • Able to change and restore partitions
  • Works with bsd and haiku
  • Accelerated operation


  • Not the easiest to use

TestDisk is intended to recover partitions rather than data. This limits how much information it can provide about the files in the recovered partitions. If you have a significant amount of deleted data, individually checking each file’s characteristics might take hours.

  • A free version is offered
  • No paid plans
  • Options for scanning: one
  • Fixing FAT tables and copying files from erased partitions are further functions.
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Haiku

iBeesoft Data Recovery

We were drawn to three aspects of iBeesoft Data Recovery. It includes an easy-to-use interface, provides a variety of video recovery choices, and shows the data it has found before storing it on your computer. But the fact that you can’t store recovered videos in the free version makes it less helpful.


  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is included.
  • Able to recover partly damaged data
  • Operates on both Mac and Windows


  • The deep scan runs slowly

Ibeesoft is unconcerned with the circumstances behind your data loss. It can recover your priceless videos, whether you accidentally deleted them, lost them in a crash, or watched them get damaged due to a virus assault. Even partly deleted files can be recovered with this program.

We were let down by iBeesoft’s quickness, among other things. If the “Quick Scan” doesn’t work and you have to use the “Deep Scan,” you’ll have to wait for a few hours, but it will be worth it since it will show you thumbnail previews of recordings you might have given up hope of ever seeing again.

  • A free version is offered
  • Paid Plans: Personal ($45.85 for a single computer); Family ($89.95 for two to five computers); Company ($299.95).
  • Options for scanning: Quick and Deep
  • RAW drive recovery and partition recovery are additional functionalities.
  • Compatible with: Mac and Windows

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This is the greatest video recovery program you’ve been looking for. Thanks to our comprehensive guide, you haven’t only learned about the top recovery tools available. Additionally, it has given you knowledge that enables you to select the approach that best suits your needs.

If you want us to decide for you, we will vote for Disk Drill. This recovery program has a highly user-friendly interface, supports over 400 video file types, and runs on all major operating systems. 

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