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Office suites are collections of useful programs. A word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software are all included in the main package. It is a collection of business apps with a common user interface design.

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) continues to be the first and finest office suite for most customers. It improves upon things with an online edition that provides cloud backups and mobile use as needed. The essential office programs continue to be Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, Powerpoint, and Outlook . The most widely used program in this category is Microsoft Office. However, it costs money.

Here is a list of the Top Office Suite Software, with links to their websites and lists of their most popular features. Both commercial (charged) and open-source (free) applications are included on the list.

Microsoft Office Professional 2021

For serious office work, Microsoft Office is the best suite of productivity tools. There isn’t a significant learning curve for those upgrading because the new version is merely an incremental improvement that boosts speed and includes a few clever convenience features but otherwise functions practically exactly like older versions.


  • Straightforward UI that doesn’t require any new learning


  • The automated functions of Microsoft Word are inconvenient and challenging 
  • Some features are buried in difficult-to-find settings.

Microsoft 365 Personal

Microsoft charges a monthly membership price for its desktop software, but the corporation has developed a suite of free web programs in response to the threat posed by Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite).

Microsoft 365 online functions and appears just like its desktop version.

Office Online is an excellent option if you frequently use Microsoft document formats. Unlike Google’s free office suite, it doesn’t need you to convert your files before editing them, and you can easily share them using your Microsoft OneDrive account. You may get started right away by logging in with your Microsoft account (the one you use to access Windows 10)

Along with mobile versions of Office for iOS and Android, there is an online version of Office for Chrome.


  • The most effective office applications are available.
  • Accessible across a wide range of platforms
  • Feature-rich collaboration
  • Elegant, user-friendly layout with a variety of assistance options
  • Mail, contacts, and calendar all in one app


  • Issues while testing with viewing documents through web browsers
  • Word’s automated features sometimes give unexpected outcomes.
  • Accessing certain advanced functions can be challenging.

Google Workspace

Despite just delivering online tools, Google’s superb Workspace office suite is almost as strong and adaptable as Microsoft 365. Because of this browser-based methodology, its apps are accessible and function identically across all platforms.


  • Best office tools
  • Collaboration and revision tracking elements that have been improved
  • Convenient user management for businesses


  • Web-only applications
  • Less potent 
  • Chrome and preparation are required for offline editing.

Apple iWork

With iWork, you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It has built-in formula examples available. It is Microsoft Office’s main rival and replacement.

You can easily create sensational-looking documents with Pages. It features more than 70 Apple-designed document templates and lets you produce attractive text and stunning presentations. The presentations it produces and delivers are stunning. You can design and deliver unique presentations using Keynote.


  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Unique worksheet format in the form of a canvas
  • Connection with Apple’s mobile platforms on a connectivity
  • Strong graphic capabilities
  • Free


  • No other programs will open native file formats.
  • Pages do not allow mail merge or multiple chapters.


LibreOffice is an open-source project continually being improved upon and expanded upon by a sizable and passionate community of volunteers. It’s free for both business and private users, and there are a ton of plugins and templates to add even more flexibility.

LibreOffice is a superior product overall and supports file conversion with proper formatting preservation. Your Word.doc files should appear the same in LibreOffice as in Word and vice versa.

Only an Android document viewer is the only official mobile version of LibreOffice, which is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although it contains some editing tools, we wouldn’t suggest depending on them because they’re still in the experimental stage.


  • Free and open source
  • Provides desktop applications for Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • Any legacy document can be imported and converted


  • Not as stable on Macs 
  • There are no online collaboration features
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Corel WordPerfect Office

Only WordPerfect’s Windows-compuw7qatible word processor offers precise, predictable formatting control and differs from Microsoft Office. It’s a worthwhile enhancement, but the outdated user interface and collaboration options may deter new users.


  • Unique ability to modify characteristics like formatting
  • Strong backing for lengthy documents
  • Constructs intricate documents using a wizard interface
  • Publishing ebooks and specialized legal features
  • Microsoft and legacy formats are imported and exported


  • Outdated version
  • No versions for mobile devices or Macs; only Windows
  • Unable to quickly replace italic and underlined formats
  • Apps for presentations and spreadsheets lag behind the competition.
  • No support for real-time interaction

SoftMaker Office

The most affordable alternative to Microsoft 365 is SoftMaker Office 2021. It delivers a smart user interface with all the features that small business and home office users want.


  • Powerful substitute for Microsoft 365
  • Fast, dependable performance for the majority of tasks
  • Opens documents that are older than Microsoft Office applications
  • Backup version
  • Fully functional mobile apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


  • Lacks collaborative tools and online apps
  • Limited options for document viewing
  • Slow performance
  • No recorded macros and only Windows-compatible programmed macros are provided.

WPS Office Free

You would hardly tell that WPS Office Free is a condensed version of a more expensive office suite. Its three apps all have the same sleek design and feature set as the most recent iterations of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The great file format support allows you to easily share your work with other Office users by saving it in native Microsoft formats. While WPS Office doesn’t include database software, its superb free PDF viewer is an excellent alternative to Windows’ built-in app.

There are a few infrequent advertisements here and there. They won’t affect your work in any way, and it won’t take you long to forget that this suite is entirely free.

WPS Office Free is available as app for Android smartphones, Windows, and Linux platforms, but Apple device users will need to go elsewhere.


  • Complies with Microsoft file formats
  • Cross-platform


  • Many advertisements

How to Choose Your Ideal Office Suite Software

The following criteria guided my selection of the top six office suites software after extensive investigation and evaluation of all available options:

  • Local vs. Cloud Storage
  • Integrated Apps
  • Compatibility of Programs and File Extensions
  • Device and Platform Compatibility

Local vs. Cloud Storage

In the contemporary digital era, where everything appears to float around in the cloud, cloud software has gained in popularity. However, several office suite software alternatives rely on local file saves rather than the cloud as their top priority.

Which type do you require? You can save your data to the cloud using cloud software. In some cases, the program even has an autosave feature that automatically backs up your work so you don’t have to remember to press the save button.Google Workspace, for instance, works in the cloud and automatically saves your work as you make changes.

Cloud computing software also makes it simple for authorized users to share and access information. For instance, you can send a Google Doc to a colleague and provide them specific access, such as view-only or editor. The user can then access the file on the cloud without having to download anything or worry about incompatible file extensions.

On the other hand, local saves only let you save files to your computer. Although some programs have an autosave feature, the files will occupy space on your computer rather than use the cloud’s storage.You must send a file to someone to share it, for example, by attaching it to an email. This might be irritating and difficult for large files when sharing multiple files. Office suites are another option that enables you to accomplish both. Google Workspace allows you to download and save files to your PC even while cloud-based operations are given priority. Microsoft 365, which has historically been a local-save suite, has also been developed to support cloud storage with OneDrive.

Integrated Apps

While some office suite software packages offer a variety of apps, others only do so. The problem is that you might not need the ten or more apps that some suites provide and may charge you more for. Although it would be tempting to have everything at your disposal if you need them in the future, you shouldn’t spend more money to have more than you actually need.

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are known for their huge app collections. This can be useful if your company is big and has several departments. Everyone on the team can get what they need with the use of word processing, data management, emailing, and presentation apps.

However, programs like WPS Office and iWork provide the fundamentals, including word editing, presentations, and spreadsheets. These are the most frequently required programs, and your small to the medium-sized firm may not require any other software.

Compatibility of Programs and File Extensions

Program and file extension compatibility are required if your team members use multiple office suites, which can happen in big or remote teams. When you send or share files with someone else to work with, you want to make sure that your systems work effectively together.

Microsoft 365 is now compatible with most office suite programs because it was a pioneer in the field. Microsoft 365, one of the most widely used software suites, includes well-known extensions like.docx and.pptx.You can store documents with Microsoft Office extensions to open them automatically in programs like iWork and Google Workspace.

Other office suite software, however, does not share the same disadvantages. Microsoft 365 files are compatible with many office programs. However, it’s common to lose formatting during conversion.You don’t want to be concerned that a team member’s lengthy work on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation will not look or function properly. We advise choosing a more well-known and used suite, such as Google Workspace, iWork, or Microsoft 365, if you collaborate with employees inside or outside of your company that use other suites.

Device and Platform Compatibility

Would you prefer to use a tablet or a Mac to access your office suite software? If so, consider web-based and mobile software suites like WPS Office or Google Workspace.

These suites allow you to connect to your account to access your documents on a different computer or device and give you access to their software virtually everywhere. Additionally, you can use them while traveling or during your lunch break to modify spreadsheets or other documents.

With local software for Mac, PC, and Linux, a web-based app, and mobile apps for Android and iOS, WPS Office is one of the best in this field. Your workforce can access the WPS Office suite using any device.

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Office suites from companies like Apple, Google, and LibreOffice are all free to use. Moreover, SoftMaker provides a free version. Others, including Corel WordPerfect, demand a one-time fee. The free version of Google Workspace is Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides; Microsoft 365 and SoftMaker Office provide standalone and subscription-based versions. Google Workspace is a subscription-based service. The subscription price varies according to the number of devices you need to use the program and the specific apps you require.

Your apps automatically receive the newest features and security upgrades if you use a subscription-based office suite. That’s a significant advantage, but if having the most recent updates isn’t essential to you, you could choose to purchase a free version. When you decide it’s time for an upgrade, you might not have to pay full price because many office suites provide the most recent version to current customers at a discount. Make sure you are aware of the features you think you could require.

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