9 Top Encrypted Messaging Software



The functions of modern messaging apps go well beyond just enabling text-based interaction. They enable you share ideas and allow for file uploads, voice recordings, video calls, conversations, and more. Most of the top messaging applications worldwide make money via advertising.

To retarget and promote appropriate adverts, they gather and use personal data. It is disturbing to consider that your personal communications, films, and photographs could be combed through and utilized to determine your interests. But that is the reality.Your data isn’t secure if you use a traditional messaging service without end-to-end encryption. Any third party can simply access all of it in the event of a hack.

You might be shocked to learn that many popular messaging applications don’t use reliable encryption to safeguard your data. But things are altering. There are currently several apps that take user privacy and encryption seriously.Using encrypted messaging software should be your priority if you value your privacy. We’ll review some of the top encrypted messaging applications in this article, along with their main features and usability.

Key factors to take into account while assessing the encrypted messaging software are:

1. Encryption from end to end

Has the app been encrypted end-to-end (E2E)? Your private chat messages are scrambled by end-to-end encryption; the only people with the “keys” to decode them are the sender and the recipient.

2. Open-Source Software

Uses open source software? Because the app’s code is open source, it is subject to expert audits and external accountability, which can help identify any flaws or vulnerabilities.

3. Messages that disappear when read

Depending on your chosen settings, self-destructing or disappearing messages vanish after a specific amount of time.

4. Data usage

Although many secure messaging applications use end-to-end encryption, they can gather metadata about you. This includes details like as who you speak to, how long you speak for, what device you use, your IP address, and your phone number.


Millions of reliable users use Signal, rated as one of the finest secure messaging apps of 2022, for its instant, free, and user-friendly encrypted communication. With privacy-protecting technology, secure texting avoids the risk of disclosing private information or sending messages to unintended receivers. Advanced end-to-end encryption is used to protect all of the data.

Since the source code is open source, anyone can freely check the program’s security. Group chats, encrypted voice conversations, and Other services like media transmission and archive capabilities are available without PINs or other login credentials.


  • Free Software Protocol
  • Disappear messages after a certain period of time
  • Utilizes data connection on the phone to waive SMS and MSS rates
  • Cryptographic stickers
  • Group chat
  • Single-view media 


  • Required phone number to create an account

Price: Free with no advertisements.


Another messaging service, Wire, has made end-to-end encryption a default to protect its users’ privacy, including messages, photographs, documents, and other types of data. Wire doesn’t require activation because it is constantly on and operates invisibly in the background. Additionally, each message uses a different encryption key, which mitigates the damage caused by a single compromised key.

Because Wire is an open source platform, users can examine, inspect, and improve its source code via GitHub. Because of its high regard for user privacy, Wire does not divulge any statistics or usage information about its users to any parties.


  • Conferencing
  • Timed or fleeting conversations
  • Open source
  • File transfer
  • Group Chats


  • Concentration on business users; limited free version

Price: Free for individual users; large businesses must purchase the premium version with no advertisements.


Threema operates under the guiding principle of conserving metadata with over a million downloads. It is the most dependable open-source, secure messaging platform for mobile and online applications.

Once a message has been sent to the receiver, Threema’s server permanently deletes it. However, most of the data handled by a server are also handled automatically locally on the user’s device. This indicates a defense against listening in on any communication.

Only the designated recipients can read the messages, thanks to Threema’s design. Since Threema is open source, users can verify the accuracy of the encryption, and there is no need to enter a phone number or email address during the sign-up process for security reasons.


  • Publish polls
  • Chat privately
  • Construct distribution lists
  • Use passwords to protect private chats and to hide them.
  • QR code contact verification

Price: $2.99


It’s commonly known that Telegram offers the finest security and never gives outside parties access to your data. Its distinctive network of data centers is well regarded for enabling global connectivity. Here, the system is set up so that when a user accesses the “secret chats” functionality, all messages on all associated devices immediately self-destruct. 

Additionally, it allows you to establish a time limit for your account to self-destruct if necessary. Using Telegram, you may simultaneously sync your communications across many devices. This program includes all the important and desired functions that a user would need.


  • Messages sent privately may self-destruct.
  • For security and performance, distributed servers are spread throughout the world.
  • Protocols and open APIs
  • No restrictions on the volume of media or chats
  • Capacity to manage teams with up to 200,000 members
  • A timer can be used to delete messages.
  • Send any document


  • By default, encryption is not turned on.
  • The creation of an account requires a phone number.
  • Concerns regarding its encryption protocol

Price: Free with no advertisements.

Wickr Me

One of the most well-known privacy-conscious encrypted messaging platforms is Wickr. With the help of this messaging app, users can communicate instantly with one another in private or in groups while keeping all text, audio, and memo communications encrypted.

To ensure account security, Wickr does not request personal information during the registration process, such as a phone number or email address. Sharing screens, online statuses, locations, and other information makes it more of a collaborative tool than a private chat messaging program.

Additionally, everyone who uses Wickr has access to the transparency reports, and data encryption is done here by default. This top secure messaging app supports two-factor authentication and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) (2FA).


  • messages that disappear when read
  • Free Software
  • All files and mess ages can be searched
  • Securely send files, videos, and images (free plan: 1gb file transfer)
  • Create Teams and Networks that reflect the structure of your firm.
  • Online status, location sharing, and secure screen
  • 30-days maximum data retention
  • Integration with a company’s internal database, email system, CRM, or another crucial application (directly integrates with SalesForce, Jira, and Zendesk)
  • Custom integrations with internal apps are possible with API.


  • Functionality is constrained in comparison to other apps.


  • Free basic plan
  • Silver: $4.99
  • Gold: $9.99
  • Platinum: $20

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Viber offers various calling and messaging services in addition to stickers, emoticons, GIFs, and other ways to express yourself verbally. Viber is more than just a messaging app. It is a calling and messaging program that is free and secure that enables you to communicate with anybody, anywhere, at any time.

No of the size of the group, Viber members can share photographs and videos. Viber offers a secure environment with completely encrypted audio and video chats on mobile and desktop as long as you follow the ideal sharing process.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Viber is that it gives each chat a different color, depending on the amount of encryption it currently has. 

  • Green– Indicates that the chat has been encrypted and that the contact you are attempting to contact is reliable.
  • Gray– The conversation is encrypted and indicated, however, the contact you are looking for does not meet the criteria for being considered trustworthy.
  • Red– Denotes a probable issue or trouble with contact authentication.


  • High – definition video calls
  • Chat extensions make it possible to conduct website searches without ever leaving the chat window.
  • By exchanging secret keys, Trusted Contacts confirm the identity of the people you’re communicating with.
  • Texting immediately
  • Stickers
  • Service Notifications
  • Voicemail sent immediately
  • Unlimited participants in public and group chats
  • Get rid of seen messages


  • There is no open source for the encryption protocol.
  • Required phone number for registration

Price:  Free


The greatest secure chat application for SMS and MMS features is called Silence. This allows you to use these two capabilities even if your computer is not online. Silence is regularly observed, especially regarding security, where the codes have been sealed and made inaccessible to any other third party or government body.

Furthermore, you do not need to register with security-related login information here with Silence. Anyone can examine the codes to look for mistakes and other associated problems because they are open source.


  • Prevents screen captures of communications at the opposite end
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Encrypted messages                                                             
  • Open Software


  • The software is more vulnerable to exploits and attacks because of the lack of updates.

Price: Free


Because of its end-to-end encryption feature, iMessage is one of iPhone users’ most private chat messaging programs. Additionally, it gives users total control over how long a message should remain and how many times the recipients can view it. This may seem strange, but it is actually one of the key factors influencing user data security. 

Still, there are drawbacks to every private chat messaging service, and iPhone users are no exception when it comes to cloud backup choices. Here, Apple, the key controller, encrypts the data saved in the cloud, making it possible for the communications to be easily discovered if the iCloud were hacked.


  • Delete group conversations or turn off alerts
  • Block contacts and phone numbers
  • IMessages backup using iCloud
  • Customize the iMessage settings
  • When contacting other iOS or macOS users, switches from using the phone network to the Internet.
  • “Read Receipts” control
  • GIFs, animations, and Memoji support for message profile and personality customization


  • The program does not encrypt the texts you receive.
  • Vulnerable to Pegasus-style attacks
  • It’s not open source
  • Cloud vulnerability is still an issue.

Price: Free


The most secure messaging software, Line, has positioned itself at a new level of communication primarily due to its unique infrastructure. The greatest secure messaging app, Line, is free and accessible on smartphones and desktop computers.

A group of Japanese engineers created Line primarily as a means of communication following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Everyone can use this function, but you must manually activate the mode to benefit from it. As soon as this messaging software was developed, Line introduced end-to-end encryption and enhanced essential privacy.


  • More than 10,000 character and celebrity stickers
  • Text, images, and videos can be shared on Timeline.
  • Invite pals over to the “Shake It! To share contact information, both users must shake their cellphones close to one another.
  • Video Live
  • Based on app activity, OpenChat is a website where you may find new people with similar interests (only in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia)

Price: Free

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The top-rated texting app for encryption is called Signal. It is open-source and uses a trusted encryption mechanism. Additionally, it is owned and operated by a nonprofit foundation with no reason to benefit from the sale of user data. Signal’s utility features, such as voice calling and file sharing, are also competitive with those of other top encrypted messaging services.

While all the safe applications listed in this article provide multi-mode communication (voice, text, and video), end-to-end encryption of communications, and message syncing across various platforms and devices, they all undoubtedly have advantages and disadvantages. The only way to decide which one to utilize is to prioritize the extra features for yourself.

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