9 Best Ad Blockers



You should use the top ad blockers and privacy plugins if you spend time online. You may get rid of some of the worst parts of viewing websites these days by installing one of these extensions on your desktop or mobile device.

The internet is full of bugs that put your patience to the test and privacy risks, such as intrusive pop-up ads and tracking tools that keep tabs on your browsing habits. The top ad blockers prevent it from happening.

We can assist you in locating the top privacy and ad blocking software across a number of platforms. We divided our research into various areas to make your search easier. We can assist you in finding stand-alone ad-blocking programs for PCs and cell phones, as well as some of our favorite privacy-focused extensions, and ad-blocking extensions for major browsers.


On all popular browsers, the best for removing pop-ups and other adverts.


  • Free extensions for Safari and Chrome.
  • Android: $20 annually or $50 overall
  • PC (Windows): $40 annually or $100 during their lifespan
  • Both: $75 for a lifetime or $30 annually
  • Prices do not include taxes.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee on all purchased items.

For Chrome and Safari, AdLock is a free ad-blocking browser extension. However, the functionality of these add-ons is restricted to the installed browser.

In addition to blocking adverts on other programs, AdLock now offers AdLock for Windows and Android. Regardless of your program, you may eliminate viewing advertisements on your computer, smartphone, or both for as low as $20 per year.


  • Platforms supported: versions of Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS
  • Extensions for Chrome and Safari that disable ads.
  • Software that prevents advertisements on Skype, YouTube, gaming, and other apps is available for Windows and Android.
  • Secure your personal information.


  • It is not a permitted advertisement. No websites can be whitelisted.
  • There is no Android app on Google Play.

For people who are sick of seeing advertisements outside of the browser, AdLock is a fantastic option. It costs money, but you can try it out and determine if it’s worth the money or not with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Best for removing web trackers and adverts while guarding against malware on your device.


  • $2.49 per month or $79.99 for life.
  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • Free AdGuard DNS
  • 14-day free test

AdGuard provides a variety of ad blocking and secure browsing tools. It is available as an application or as a browser extension. Available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

It also provides AdGuard DNS, a free service that doesn’t require any software download, and a home solution that safeguards all the devices in your house. Simply altering the DNS settings on any device makes it work.


  • AdGuard DNS, browser extensions, and AdGuard for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are just a few of the many solutions available.
  • Parental control, ad blocking, and safe surfing.
  • AdGuard Home secures your entire network by preventing tracking and advertisements.


  • Not a permitted advertisement.

AdGuard provides a variety of options to prevent adverts on the majority of devices. Users can select the method they desire for ad removal and data protection. Parental controls provided by AdGuard allow you to prevent your children from viewing pornographic content.

Adblock Plus

Best for preventing website pop-ups and advertisements.


  • Everyone may download and use it at no charge.
  • Acceptable Ads
  • Accessible to smaller organizations.
  • Large organizations: 30% of the extra income generated by adding their Acceptable Ads to the whitelist.

The most widely used ad blocker is AdBlock Plus. Numerous desktop and mobile browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, are compatible with it. Custom filters and additional block lists can be made with AdBlock Plus.

Additionally, they feature whitelisting, which enables you to specify which websites the pop-up blocker should not function on. Non-intrusive advertising can run through the Acceptable Ads feature, but it is simple to turn it off. Companies can submit an application by filling out a form if they want to be included on the Acceptable Ads whitelist.


  • Removing advertisements from all mobile and desktop browsers (Samsung Internet, Safari, Firefox).
  • Browser for iOS and Android that blocks ads.
  • Included on the Acceptable Ads whitelist, businesses can apply. 


  • The Acceptable Ads option is, by default, turned on.
  • It only functions with browsers.

AdBlock Plus enables faster and interruption-free web browsing. It is open-source and free. You can opt only to see non-intrusive adverts using the Acceptable Ads feature, and businesses can seek to be whitelisted. Small businesses can use this free, but major companies must pay a fee.

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Best to block intrusive advertisements, accelerate browser performance, and safeguard your privacy.

A free and open-source pop-up blocker is AdBlock. It can be found on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, iOS, and Android and is one of the most widely used ad blocks globally.

It uses filter lists that are pre-set by default for all users, but you can make your own list or whitelist specific websites if you’d like. The Acceptable Ads program, of which AdBlock is a part, only permits non-intrusive advertisements to pass through.


  • Most desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and mobile browsers are compatible with it (iOS and Android).
  • Blocks malware, YouTube and Facebook advertisements, pop-up adverts, and cryptocurrency mining.
  • A component of the Acceptable Ads program.


  • If AdBlock users want to avoid seeing advertisements completely, they must off Acceptable Ads.
  • Only browsers can use it.

More than 60 million people trust Adblock. It is open-source, free, and lets you personalize your filter lists. It blocks all advertisements and pop-up windows, including social networking ones.


Ghostery is an open-source, cost-free ad blocker. It uses intelligent blocking technologies to enhance your browsing experience by preventing trackers and blocking advertisements. With their user-friendly interface, you can customize what you wish to ban and get stats.

Ghostery is supported by Cliqz, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge. Mobile devices running iOS and Android, they also have privacy browsers.


  • Personalized ad blocking.
  • Tracker evaluation.
  • Mobile iOS and Android privacy browser.


  • Not a permitted advertisement.
  • Only browsers can use it.

Ghostery is an excellent free pop-up blocker that blocks advertisements. It distinguishes out for its capacity to block trackers and maintain the highest level of data security. You can use their mobile browsers to access the internet on your smartphone more securely than ever before.

Opera Browser

Best for ad blocking and secure, streamlined browsing.

There is no need to purchase additional extensions because Opera is a free web browser with a built-in VPN and ad-blocking add-ons. The browser can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to blocking advertisements, it warns users about suspicious websites and links. If you wish to customize it further, more extensions are also available.


  • Free VPN built-in.
  • Ad blocker built-in.
  • Also accessible on iOS and Android.


  • Only browser advertising are blocked by it.
  • Not a permitted advertisement.

A secure and ad-free internet browser is Opera. You need to download and install the browser. It is most likely the simplest method for getting rid of advertisements.

uBlock Origin

On many browsers, the best for content filtering and ad blocking.

An efficient browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox is uBlock Origin. It has thousands of filters and is small and memory-friendly.

Since uBlock Origin is open-source, you can edit host files to make new lists and filters. Users also have the option to add websites to a whitelist that they do not wish to be blocked from working on.


  • Blocks malware and advertisements.
  • Easy on the RAM so your computer doesn’t slow down
  • Customizable whitelists and filters.


  • Only browsers can use it.

The ideal choice for individuals who don’t want their PCs to lag when using an ad blocker is uBlock Origin. Although it is small and light, it is nevertheless capable of blocking all those annoying advertising.

 AdBlocker Ultimate

Best for removing advertisements and directing your attention to the desired material.


  • Monthly: $4.95
  • Free 14-day trial

AdBlocker Ultimate offers both free and paid options. One of their free services is an open-source browser plugin that works with Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Additionally, they offer a mobile Safari app for iOS and AdBlocker Ultimate Browser, a free Android browser.

They have a cutting-edge Android browser with several high-end capabilities. A Windows PC software from their subscription service turns off adverts throughout the board, not just in the browser. 


  • Free browser add-ons that block advertisements and safeguard your privacy.
  • Mobile browsers that are secure and ad-free.
  • Windows program that operates outside of the browser.


  • There isn’t any software for Mac.
  • Not a permitted advertisement.

All advertisements, malicious websites, and trackers are blocked with AdBlocker Ultimate. AdBlocker provides a commercial Windows application in addition to their free and open-source browser extensions, which operate apart from the browser.

Total Adblock

This ad blocker eliminates the most annoying forms of online advertising, such as pop-ups and auto-play commercials.

YouTube advertising is blocked.It also blocks adverts on other video streaming services that follow free-with-ad business models, like Crunchyroll and Tubi. It even got rid of the pop-up on Tubi that asked for the users’ ages, which was a little unexpected. Given that TotalAV includes a lifetime subscription to its critically acclaimed product and its PC Tune-Up software in the price, the feature list and capabilities may make the cost worthwhile.


  • Blocking the most obnoxious online adverts effectively
  • Whitelisting made simple and a quiet mode
  • Eliminates advertisements for websites that broadcast videos, such as YouTube
  • Various web browsers and iOS devices compatible (Android coming in the future)


  • No free option 

Compatible with iOS devices and most popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

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Most top ad blockers may be downloaded for free as extensions or independent apps, although others, like AdLock, demand a fee. Assess whether the free services’ ad-blocking is sufficient for your needs or whether a premium app offers better value. Determine whether a browser plugin will meet your ad-blocking needs or whether you should switch to a browser with greater privacy protections built in.

By choosing precisely what you want an ad blocker software or browser extension to help you with, you can reduce the number of available options. Do you want the entire range of services, including privacy features and an end to ad-tracking, or do you only want to stop the intrusive pop-up ads from appearing? Grab the ad blocker that fulfills every requirement on your wishlist.

AdBlock Plus is one ad blocker with filters and the option to allow non-intrusive advertising. Others adopt a more aggressive strategy, such as AdBlocker Ultimate. Find out which one best satisfies your requirements and level of comfort.

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